About Us

About Us
Find peace and serenity at Om Tara Yoga

Om Tara Yoga Studio
Om Tara Yoga Studio


At Om Tara Yoga Studio classes are offered to all levels of experience in a non-competitive, down to earth, nurturing environment. Our comforting and inviting studio is the place to come to find your peace and serenity.

First Class Complimentary

All levels are welcome...beginners are encouraged!
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Students of Yoga should prepare for class by practicing saucha (cleanliness) as a way to begin the purification process. Classes should be taken on an empty stomach, though not hungry and students should arrive 15 minutes early in order to relax in the spirit of Yoga. Be prepared to work barefoot and wear loose comfortable clothing.

Also, browse our gift shop offerings, which include books, candles, incense, Young Living essential oils, Pure Inventions green tea extracts, and Satya jewelry.

Return to that peaceful place that resides inside of you...treat yourself to a Yoga class!

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